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Welcome To Cash 4 Cars Melbourne Sell Your Unwanted Cars For Cash Up To $9999

Cash 4 Cars Melbourne & Auto Recycling is Melbourne’s No 1 Scrap Metal & Cars Recycling centre.

Instant Cash & Quality Car Removal Service In Melbourne – We Come To You In 1HR

We pay instant Cash For Cars throughout Melbourne Suburbs (all areas). We are one of the top cash payers for your cars which may be new or used. To get a quick quote or FREE estimate, please call us on  0450166040. Pick up arrangements can be organised the same day depending on the staff availability. If you are looking for a car wrecker or cash for scrap car removal near you or nearby then Cash 4 Cars Melbourne is the right choice. We are a car scraper company offering the maximum dollars for unwanted or scrap cars. Selling your unwanted car has never been so easy with us. We can offer quick and easy car removal service in no time and cover all Melbourne Metro and suburbs. We absolutely do no take anything granted when it comes to paying cash. Our RECYCLE and DISMANTLE service are done on a daily basis. We buy all European, Japanese, American, Australian, Korean, Indian, Malaysian make & models. We don’t care if is a blown gasket, no registration, aged car, running or not running we buy them all.


We offer a wide range of Car, Van, Truck, SUVs and other commercial vehicle Removal and disposal services including vehicle salvage & dismantling. Over 2000 Plus customers serviced we offer flexible, on time car removal service to fit your lifestyle.We pick up old cars, damaged, rusted, unwanted, wrecked and cars in working or non-working condition. We collect all kinds of vehicles with our FREE car removal service. We are your local car removal company paying total cash for cars in Melbourne Victoria.


We are an authorised End of Life Vehicle Center and are fully registered with the government’s environment agency. We can collect and responsibly dispose of cars, vans, trucks and more. We use your vehicle in our parts recycling program and Metal Recycling program.


Turn your old, damaged and unwanted cars into INSTANT CASH.  Yes, we remove Unwanted Cars in Melbourne and pay CASH on the spot when we remove your car.  With our large fleet of truck drivers, we are able to provide same day pick up service.


. Open 7 days a week

. Pick up on the same day in most cases


We are fully equipped to remove your cars. If your car is stuck anywhere, then we will be there to help you. We consider the quality of the service to be more important than anything else, especially when our customers need us most.

We assist you with all the related paper works for disposing of your car irrespective of its condition and can guide you with your number plate disposal or you can get help from VIC Roads.


We provide services Victoria wide and specialise on Melbourne Inner City, North Melbourne, East Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat.


What We Really Do:


Is it time for your old or unwanted car to go? The important questions are which car removal company in Melbourne you can trust and whether they provide good service, top cash and stress-free car removal process. Do not look any further than Cash 4 Cars Melbourne for a hassle free car removals service. We have got many trucks in Melbourne with highly trained individuals who can move any car, van, truck, SUV or 4WD.


We Are Happy To Pay More Cash


Are you not getting much cash for your old car from other companies? In that case, we can help you to get more cash for your unwanted car which means more money for your old auto.


Best Rates For Cars, Utes, Vans, Trucks & SUVS In Melbourne & The whole of Victoria


We provide an unbeatable price for unwanted car removal service topped up with top class customer service by our trained professionals. We are 100% certain that you will not find a similar car removal company like CASH 4 CARS MELBOURNE. From the initial booking process to the final pick up or drop off, be assured that Cash 4 Cars has got you covered if you are in any part of Melbourne or Victoria. Our towing service is FREE when you book a car removal service with us in Melbourne.


What Car Makes & Models Do We Buy?


At cash for cars Melbourne, we buy all types of brands and models. Some of the brands include Toyota, Mazda, Honda, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Hyundai, Kia, Daewoo, Holden, Ford, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, VW, Nissan, Isuzu, Subaru & More.

Why Choose Us For CAR REMOVAL Service?

  • Prompt Quote
  • On Time
  • More Than 15 Years of Experience In Car Removal
  • Friendly Service
  • Great Advice
  • Instant Cash On The Spot
  • FREE Paper Work
  • FREE Towing

Get A Quote 7 Days A Week

Use our quick and fast Instant Quote Form and simply enter your details like name, phone number, email, suburb and the car details and you will get a quick quote via phone.  If you prefer to get notification by email, we will email you a quote. Our car removal company is not affiliated with any other company in Melbourne or other cities in Australia.

Are you looking for a place to sell your used and unwanted car so that you can buy a new one? Do you want to sell your scrap vehicle for some extra cash in Melbourne? Or do you wish to get rid of that old non-drivable car lying in your garage? If you relate to any of the situations listed above, you have come to the right place!

Cash for Cars Melbourne is the one stop solution to all your car Selling and removing needs. We are an auto buyer that caters to areas across Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs offering reliable cash for car service for all types of vehicles.


Cash Offers For Cars In Melbourne Victoria


  1. Cash for Cars – Our cash for car service is available for all other kinds of vehicles too, including 4WD’s, vans and trucks. We accept vehicles of all makes, models, years and conditions. No matter what their resale value, we will offer the best possible rates to all our clients for their vehicles.
  2. Cash for Scrap Car – At Cash for Cars Melbourne, we accept all scrap cars no matter how bad their condition; may they have been damaged in an accident or have become scrap because of being unused for long periods of time. Such vehicles are taken to our scrap yard for our scrapping and recycling process which is absolutely eco-friendly.
  3. Cash for Old Cars – We even offer our cash for car service for old cars that are way more harmful to the environment as compared to newer cars. Whether your old car is becoming difficult to drive or it’s just taking up unnecessary space in your garage, we will help you get rid of it with our old car removal service.

How Does Our Car Removal System work?

The process you have to follow for any of our Cash for Car service is simple:

  • First, Call us on our 24-hour number 0450166040 and let us know the details of your car to get a free quote.
  • Accept or reject our offer. If accepted, give us a time and place for FREE Car Removal and we’ll be there.
  • We quickly inspect, purchase and remove the vehicle.
  • You sign some paperwork we provide, including your title of ownership and we leave handing you over the cash on the spot.

Why Choose Us?

  • We are a fully licensed and trusted business that has built a reputation as an honest auto buyer over many years.
  • We offer our services across all areas of Melbourne and its suburbs and will be sure to reach you wherever you are.
  • We offer the best possible rates for all vehicles, may they be scrap or old as we value all recyclable material.
  • We care for the environment and thus have an eco-friendly disposal process for all scrap and old cars causing minimum harm to the environment.
  • Our service is fast and effective and we are very punctual with all our jobs.
  • Our entire team is very hard working, skilled and polite, making our customers trust us even more.

Call us at 0450166040 or fill our online form to avail our extremely easy and convenient Cash for Cars Melbourne services.




Top class service. I called many companies regarding removing my old Toyota Camry Cash 4 cars Melbourne car removals gave me the best price and towed the car for free. Well done.

John Smith

I’d like to thank Cash4Cars Melbourne for their prompt service and guys were professional. Happy with the way you explained to me the process of getting rid of my car for cash. Thanks heaps

Maria Salas